Kolkata - the city of Joy.The city has its own ecosystem . Very much diffrent from other metro cities . Joy for football, Joy for cricket ,Joy for cinema and most important Joy for food. It can be a wedding ceremony or birthday , it can be leftist revolutionary meetings or a college canteen. Above every pleasure gastronomical satisfaction is most important . The city gave birth to legends who brought India to the world stage .Even they couldnt avoid their love for food and refelected to their works in every cycle of their career.
Tagore penned his first poem with a description of a food when he wrote " Amsotto dudhe feli tahate kodoli doli " or Ray being demostrating his gogababa asking to the ghost king about a boon for having good food all the time and showing a full palate of bengali cuisine in his films.
We two friends being literally two food lovers started our food journey together with the most Indianized Chinese palate -parota and chilly chicken. It might look a very poor taste but that was quiet heavenly to us.
The journey continued and we went far till krishnagar for just a piece of a sweet meat called "sarpuria " . After a tiring journey by almost a local train and the bite of sarpuria was heavenly bless. In short the sweet taste with cashew nut and pistachios melt to the mouth like eternal love meeting each other. In this tabloid we will share our various experiences of our love for food at various corners of kolkata . It can be the narrow lanes of the city or a the main roads of the city. Everything will be about food.
The idea of starting KolkataFoodMap started blooming right from the days when we were colleagues and working for a private sector together.
The main plan is to bring those talents of the chefs of bengal in the world stage .
We have travelled to different restaurants , food joints , snacks corners to find the best food presenters of Bengal.
To start with we will present some very popular food joints of Kolkata like "Chitto da " , " Apanjan " , " Radhu Babu " "Basanta Cabin " ," Sidheswari pice hotel " , " kasturi" , " Royal Indian Hotel " ,"Mitra Cafe " , " Balaram Mullick " etc.. also some not very known food joints in various parts of kolkata.
We will divide Kolkata into 2 parts as very ppopularly known North and South Kolkata . We will take you to some popular food lanes like "Dacres lane" or " Zakaria Street" .
Be with us and look for daily updates to fulfill your culinary apetite every moments. But we take no responsibility of your figure consciousness and your financial savings as it will be your destiny to put on some weight and loose some money if you read of what we write here in KolkataFoodMap.
We can only promise you eternal exercise of your taste buds if you follow us.

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